Mazel, how do you choose your friends?

It takes me some time to choose my friends. I do not become friends with everyone right away, because it is important that I protect myself from emotional harm. Before I let someone become close to me, I learn to trust them. In the office I will observe people’s behaviors. My observations of humans include how they interact with each other whether it be their child, spouse or loved one. Are they respectful? How do they choose to speak to others? Do they listen when others speak to them? Are they thoughtful? These are just some questions I ask myself.

Previous experience has taught me that jumping into a relationship too quickly can be damaging. It is important to trust others, and that trust needs to be earned. I do not share my life story with strangers the first time I meet them. Rather I get to know them by spending time together, including my favorite activity, playing fetch! This allows the relationship to naturally develop and deepen over time.

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