Mazel’s Travels

Dear Mazel:

It has been over a year since you last posted. I saw by your 2017 calendar you have been traveling. I would love to hear about your adventures.

– Someone who misses you

Dear Friend:

As you can see by my picture I am exhausted from my travels. I am glad to be back home and am excited about seeing everyone I missed while I was gone. What can I say. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. As you can see I started off in New York. What a party that was. It was a little too hot for me in the desert countries, with my fur and all. Also I was a little nervous in Egypt with being Jewish and all. Got to tell you they could not have been nicer. Goes to show try not to judge others before getting to know them. I did overeat a couple of times and did I pay for it. In the end as you can see my favorite place is home in front of the fire relaxing.

I had the opportunity to learn a lot about myself. First, I am so lucky to be surrounded by so many people who love me. Had to get away to recognize that one. Never know what you have until you are away or it gets taken away from you. What I learned the most is too appreciate what you have in the moment. There are a lot of people and animals who are not as lucky as we are.

My plans for 2018 are to enjoy what I have and to be there for others. I want to give to others what has been given to me. Love, love love.

Now that I am back I will be keeping a closer eye on my blog and keep answering your questions.

Happy Holidays!

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