The Bautzer Collaborative Approach

BBK utilizes a system deemed the “Bautzer Collaborative Approach”, which informs the intake process, the treatment unit, and systemic collaboration between therapists. The underlying assumption of the collaborative approach is that individuals and the family system should be assessed and treated as simultaneously as possible. In simple terms, this means assigning an individual therapist to each member of the family system. These therapists would then collaborate on treatment goals/processes. Family sessions would be held regularly with all therapists involved collectively acting as a “family therapist”. In addition, clients join support groups whenever appropriate.


The Grief Recovery Method

The Grief Recovery Method is a systematic process of identifying trauma & grief across across the life span, identifying dysfunctional coping strategies, and re-processing the event using proactive coping strategies that addresses the trauma or grief itself.  Specific focus is placed on recognizing the nature of traumatic events as a construct defined by the individual, which may include experiences not typical understood as “traumatic”. Richard Bautzer is certified in the method by the Grief Recovery Institute and trains every therapist at BBK in this powerful methodology.

A Connected Therapist

Classic psychotherapy involved a stone faced professional in a suit listening quietly to a “patient” lying on the sofa.  At BBK, therapists are trained to be open and connected to clients.  Therapists undergo intense trainings to use the emotional connections that arise in sessions as powerful tools of awareness and insight.  BBK therapists develop a sense of authentic transparency in every aspect of their practice.


Case Management

BBK is committed to helping clients access the resources that they need. The best results occur when care is coordinated with other healthcare professionals and organizations.  Optimized care may come from additional services provided by other organizations or even higher level treatment.  BBK has a wide network of connections across both Orange County and the country to ensure that all treatment options are examined.

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