What Causes You to Have a Bad Attitude?

Well let me first start off by saying some call me a diva. I can’t fault them because let’s be honest – I am. If I don’t get walked or given treats on my schedule I will let the entire office know. When I don’t get my needs met it causes me to have a bad attitude. At times I have to scratch on the doors to get someone’s attention. One of my best tactics is to use my puppy eyes and sit quietly in front of my owner until I am fed. How could he possibly not feed this cute face? Usually, I don’t have to go to many extremes when I have a bad attitude to have someone meet my needs. However, today I am not having a very good day. I have been barking very loudly. To everyone else it probably looks like I am upset. I can’t seem to be pleased and I am having an off day. My breakfast was not served on time and I had to go to the bathroom around noon and didn’t get taken out until 1:00PM. That really put me over the edge. The rest of the day I plan on taking a nap to calm down. I hope when I wake up it will be time to leave the office and I can finish my day in a better mood. When I have a bad attitude spending time by myself usually helps calm me down. I find solitary activities soothing because I don’t have others around to provoke me. This gives me an opportunity to settle myself before I return to socialize.

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