Mazel’s Thoughts on Halloween

Conversations with Mazel:

Interviewer: Well Mazel, don’t you look adorable and festive in your Halloween Costume! Don’t you love this time of Year?
Mazel: Yes I love this time of year… I love putting on costumes to amuse you.
Interviewer: Mazel are you being sarcastic? I didn’t think dogs knew how to be sarcastic.
Mazel: If you want genuine enthusiasm let me get in on this trick or treating racket the human kids are doing. Going around meeting new people and receiving treats is something I can get excited about.
Interviewer: Candy isn’t good for you Mazel. I’m afraid costumes and pictures are the extent of your Halloween experience.
Mazel: Then I am afraid apathy is going to be the extent of my emotional range in these Photographs.

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