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Mazel’s Corner allows you to connect with Mazel, a 5-year-old Puggle. Many people have questions for Mazel, ranging from serious concerns to lighthearted topics. Here you will find these questions and her answers. Mazel does her best to provide thorough responses; however, the purpose of Mazel’s Corner is for information only. You should not take this information as advice, substitute for therapeutic services, and any information you apply is at your own risk. Please seek a mental health provider if you are seeking such services.

If you would like to submit a question to Mazel please send your question to Not all questions will be selected or answered.

Mazel’s Travels

Dear Mazel: It has been over a year since you last posted. I saw by your 2017 calendar you have been traveling. I would love to hear about your adventures. – Someone who misses you Dear [...]

Mazel, I Am Nervous About My Dentist Appointment This Week. How Should I Prepare Myself?

What odd timing for this question. I just got my teeth cleaned last week. Going for a teeth cleaning can be very intimidating. There are so many unique sounds, sights, and smells. My little nose [...]

What Are Your Thoughts on the Presidential Election?

Thoughts?  You know I am a dog.

I Am Always Bored. Why Do You Think This Might Be? How Do You Entertain Yourself?

You ask a question that I have heard a lot. To be honest, being bored is a confusing concept to me. Maybe us dogs are easily entertained compared to humans. When I am bored I will lay on my bed [...]

When People We Love Are Physically Sick.

Mazel, my mom is sick right now in the hospital and I am scared. Have you ever had someone close to you get really sick? If so, how did you handle it? When someone you are close with gets sick it [...]

What Causes You to Have a Bad Attitude?

Well let me first start off by saying some call me a diva. I can’t fault them because let’s be honest – I am. If I don’t get walked or given treats on my schedule I will [...]

With the New Year around the corner I want a fresh start. How can I start fresh this New Year?

The New Year is a great time to start fresh. Many people create Resolution Lists and sign up for gym memberships. Unfortunately, many people do not follow through with their resolutions. I do not [...]

I feel pressure to be politically correct when I go out in public during the holidays. I don’t want to offend others by saying “Merry Christmas” accidentally instead of “Happy Holidays.” Do you have the same concern?

Not to get political, but yes this is bothersome for me. It sounds like we may have different reasons for being concerned with these phrases. The intent of saying “Happy Holidays”, [...]

Do you have any funny Thanksgiving stories?

HAHAHAHA…sorry I am trying to keep composed, but I can’t help but to think of what happened last Thanksgiving. The day before Thanksgiving I saw my owners had bought some new dog toys [...]

I am curious about group therapy, but I do not know if it is right for me. Talking to a group of people about my personal life sounds intimidating. What can I expect from group therapy?

What a great question! Having sat in many group therapy sessions I can tell you that group therapy is very beneficial. It offers the ability to get additional perspectives that are not offered in [...]

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