Do you have any funny Thanksgiving stories?

HAHAHAHA…sorry I am trying to keep composed, but I can’t help but to think of what happened last Thanksgiving. The day before Thanksgiving I saw my owners had bought some new dog toys and a doggy bed. This raised a concern for me as I recently overheard them talking about a new puppy. The rest of the day and through Thanksgiving dinner I was very upset. I didn’t like the idea of a new puppy in the home. Don’t they know I am the Queen of this home! Anyways…I saw the wishbone was set aside on the table. One of my owners makes a big embarrassing speech before he breaks the wishbone after Thanksgiving dinner. I assumed he was going to wish for a new puppy so I took the wishbone and gnawed on it until I snapped it. Guess what I wished for? I wished that they would realize there is only enough room for one dog in this home and I am the Queen. Once the wishbone snapped I ran away. They never realized that I broke the wishbone. I overheard them talking and they assumed it broke by someone stepping on it by accident. However, I did feel terrible on Christmas when I opened my gifts to see the puppy gifts and doggy bed I saw the day before Thanksgiving.

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