My anxiety is so bad I find it difficult when speaking to others. I feel as if they are judging me. How do you overcome your anxiety?

I can definitely relate to your social anxiety. At times I feel overwhelmed with so much anxiety it is hard to move. Reducing anxiety is not always easy, but can help significantly. I overcame my anxiety when I introduced myself to Jack during my first day at Doggy Day Care. Before I walked over to Jack I took a deep breath. I noticed that as I continued to steady my breathing my body began to relax. My thoughts were not racing anymore. This allowed me to stay focused and think clearly.

Once I made my way over to Jack, I noticed I was no longer as anxious. Calming my nerves was difficult to do, but made all the difference. By taking relaxing breaths and reducing my racing thoughts, I was able to overcome my anxiety and make a new friend.

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